Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm in my senior year at college and have just really come out to myself. You see I went to school, but three days out of the school week, I did internet education. It was just easier for me. I suffer from chronic fatigue and on the days I couldn't get up and function, my mum would help me do work over the net. I tried a variety of health products to help me get by and now I have slowly eased off it. So I am not exactly very good at social situations. It's kind of weird really, my closest friend is a gay male and one of my others is bisexual and even before they came out I knew I was attracted to women. I still denied it however due to the hurt and disrespect these two individuals went through - it was hard enough being there for them without having to worry about my own problems. Then Not to long ago I became extremely close to this girl and I fell in love with her. The only problem was I wasn't sure of her sexuality. Eventually after we had been fooling around a bit I told her - and she totally freaked on me. I don't really talk to her much anymore and for a while her reaction did stop me from coming to terms with who I am. Now however I have told a few of my friends and they are all very supportive and awesome. So I'm getting there...

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